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A collection of 9,999 Eggs of the metaverse by Gal Barkan

Produced by Justin Lin’s Perfect Storm Entertainment & (art)ificial studio Joint Venture


(art)ificial is an art studio exploring the boundaries of technology and the metaverse. Our goal is to take part in the metaverse creation and support metaverse art.The journey begins with 'Galaxy Eggs' - a collection of 9,999 Eggs of the metaverse. This is just the beginning, buckle up.

Roadmap 1

  • Galaxy Eggs artist Gal Barkan collection exhibition.

  • 20 Lucky random Galaxy Egg holders will get a printed 10k resolution poster of their Egg sent straight to their home, signed by our art director Gal Barkan.

  • Galaxy Eggs Merch Store - We will collaborate with clothing companies to produce EXCLUSIVE merch and apparel for all Galaxy Eggs holders.

  • Airdrop of a single art piece to egg holders.

  • Galaxy Warriors - Launching the second phase of the Galaxy Metaverse.


A collection of 9,999 Warriors of the metaverse by Gal Barkan


Roadmap 2

  • Screenwriter - Partnering with a top notch screenwriter that will lead the creative storytelling of our project. 

  • The Galaxy Eggs X Warriors First Edition Comics - holders of a Galaxy Egg AND a Galaxy Warrior will get a FREE First Edition Galaxy Eggs Comics.

  • Storyline Pitch Bible - Together with our screenwriter we will turn our foundation story into a pitch bible to present to the studios.

  • 100 Special Edition Galaxy Warriors - Weekly raffles will be held for our core community who holds a Galaxy Egg AND a Galaxy Warrior. These Warriors will not be a part of the 9,999 Galaxy Warriors, but an honorary Warriors for our community.​

  • Holder Rewards - Holders of more than 20 Eggs during the snapshot on January 8th will be rewarded with Special edition Warriors (as explained on our Discord)

  • NFT Worlds - We have acquired a few lands at NFT Worlds, and are looking for new ideas of how to use them! Feel free to reach out to us with ideas/concepts


  • Partnerships - we are working on numerous partnerships, starting with the Boonji project!




Gal Barkan - Artist

Mr Bob


Gili Gilik

Gal Barkan is an art director, 3d visualization artist, visual designer & musician who's been creating Scifi, Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Surreal and Psychedelic artworks for many years.

Instagram - gal.barkan

Website -

Twitter - gal_barkan

Machine learning engineer by trade

and surfer at heart.

Built algorithms at Disney.

Fell in love with NFT's

Bored Ape #5991

Twitter - Mr Bob

Coder by day and artist at heart.

Entrepreneur - founded 3

companies (2 aquired)

CTO for 20+ years.

Solidity is my new thing.